Thumbnails of slides.

Under Thumbnails tab you can adjust thumbnails container. Thumbnail source image for each slide can be set inside certain Slide (Dashboard -> slider1 -> Slide1 -> Thumbnail).


Show or hide Thumbnails in slider.


Set thumbnails position. Available thumbnails positions are Top, Left, Right, Bottom.

Thumbnail width

Adjust width of thumbnail.

Thumbnail height

Adjust height of thumbnail.

Space around thumbnails

Make space all around thumbnails container.

Space between thumbnails

Make space between each thumbnail (left and right).


Thumbnails container background color.

Outside slider

If ON, thumbnails container will be positioned outside of slider. If this option is OFF, thumbnails container will be inside slider.


If ON, thumbnails will be centered regarding slider container. If this option is OFF, thumbnails will be positioned to top or left, depending on Position setting.

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