Here are global slider options.

Under General tab are main slider options.

Slider name

Name of your slider for easier managing of your sliders.

Transition type

Select slider transition (animation) type between slides.

webgl - realistic and powerful animations powered by webgl engine.

css - classic animations

Initial slide

Any slide of your slider can be set as initial slide on page load. 0 is first slide.

Slider shadow

6 pre-built shadows for your slider to select from. Shadow can be disabled by selecting X option (first).

Grab cursor

If ON, it will enable grab (hand) cursor when mouse hover slider. If this option is OFF, it will show default mouse cursor.

Stop on last slide

If ON, when slider comes to the last slide, it can only go backwards (1-2-3-2-1). If this option is OFF you can normally loop through slides (1-2-3-1-2-3)

Display slides in random order

Slides can play randomly if you turn this option ON, otherwise, if it's OFF they will play in order.

Overlay color (between layer and background)

Overlay color option will create slider overlay that will show on top of slide image/video, but below layer with text/button/heading.

Parallax factor (between 0 and 1)

Parallax option simulates 3D depth by moving the slider background slower than the webpage when scrolling. 0 is minimum value, and 1 is maximum value.

CSS selector for Menu (used to change menu colors on slide change)

Here you can insert CSS selector (class or id) of your website menu. For example .site-header This option will invert colors in the website menu.

Each slide can invert colors individually. To set this for each slide go to Slide1 -> Advanced and check Invert menu colors option.

These setting gives you possibility to make fullscreen sliders more readable if the website menu is displaying over the Slider content.

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